Darkness falls
Round your window pane
A light still burns
But just a smouldering flame

Is it the end of another affair?
An open engagement with gloom
Or will you be smiling
When the sun conjures up
A broken spell
Au clair de lune

As you draw the shade
Cloak of night
You know it’s tailor-made

G-Plan gymnastics
By an everglow fire
Could never mean the same
As summer enchantment
By an old mill stream
From courtly love to costly game

Maybe I’m wrong for seeming
Ungrateful, unforgiving
Oh how it hurts now you’re finally leaving
I couldn’t take any more

Now’s the time
Let’s hide away
Sacred hours
Saved from yesterday

Boo-hoo willows
Weep around you still
Mirror reflections of dew
But waterfall pages
Of an open book
Could shower new horizons soon

Call the tune
Will you swoon
As I croon
Your serenade?

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