Originally released in 1979

In the four years between 1975’s ‘Siren’ and 1979’s ‘Manifesto’, pop music had undergone a series of seismic shifts, with both disco and new wave threatening to cast into obsolescence many of Roxy Music’s contemporaries. No such worries for Roxy, however. Not only had their early records stood the test of time, they’d helped formulate this new future anyway and many of the new guard from the Sex Pistols to Chic actively cited Roxy as influences whenever given the chance. Kicking off with the title track – as strong a statement of intent to begin any album – ‘Manifesto’ effortlessly surfed the 1979 zeitgeist and delivered some of the band’s best-loved songs to date. Meanwhile its second single, the soulful ballad ‘Dance Away’ became the UK’s 9th biggest-seller that year.

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Manifesto CD Album



Bryan Ferry – Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica

Andy Mackay – Oboe, Saxophone

Phil Manzanera – Electric Guitar

Paul Thompson – Drums

Alan Spenner – Bass

Paul Carrack – Keyboards

Gary Tibbs – Bass


Roxy Music

Rhett Davies, Jimmy Douglass, Phill Brown, Randy Mason

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